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AGAI AGI AI CO. (4A Agai) is a professional software outsourcing company and is focusing on the connected world technology and products including mobile device, communications and networking equipment, semi-conductor, telematics and automotive. By strictly following CMMI and ISO international standards, Agai provides full spectrum service from design, development, testing, maintenance, and integration to our business partners and customers around the world.

Our engineering expertise covers wide range from embedded software to application; from handsets, tablet, set-top-box, to system; from operating system to Internet; Software Platforms: Android, Linux, Windows, iOS, RTOS, and HTML; Hardware Platforms are focusing on ARM core chipset such as Qualcomm, Freescale, Braodcom, MTK….etc. (All companies are the registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.)

4A Agai partners with reputed communication solution companies from USA, India, China and Taiwan to promote their solutions to our clients with local support.

Our engineering center is located at Bangalore of India and we have sales offices at California of USA; Taipei of Taiwan; Shenzhen of China and Tokyo of Japan. If you are interested in knowing more about A good intention AI co. , please feel free to contact with us at joel@thf.tw.

What We Do

Widely recruit top talents in large model, multimodal, NLP, AI algorithm engineering and research, distributed computing/Infrastructure, etc. augmented reality facial recognition gesture recognition Human-Computer Interaction motion recognition motion tracking object recognition Image segmentation robot AGAI Smart Factory Solution Provider Data collection (machine networking, sensor installation)Data integration (automatic conversion and import, heterogeneous system integration)Abnormal alarm (immediate and effective abnormal notification)Data analysis (to solve the inconvenient analysis without analysis tools)Digital Kanban (Integrated Information Management)Report Output (Key Indicator Output)Most of the devices do not have the output capability, so paper copying or EXCEL input data is often used The inspection equipment can be connected to the output, and the inspection data can be exported directly.

The inspection equipment can output CSV, TXT and other Log Files, to be further integrated into the system Some equipment parameters have been collected using PLC and SCADA systems, and stored in the database, which can be viewed remotely in the whole factory, but no growth method can be found Already using relevant process parameter monitoring and analysis systems but unable to effectively improve efficiency.

AGAI provides solutions and systems and customized requirements
ERP Enterprise Resource Management
MES Manufacturing Execution System
SCM/SQM supply chain management
WMS warehouse management system
SPC Statistical Process Management
FMEA failure model and effect analysis
COM quality abnormal management and 8D/CAR correction system
MSA measurement system management and five characteristics analysis
TPM comprehensive equipment maintenance management
AIQ intelligent quality systemIndustrial image recognition
AI platform solves quality defect detection.

Product Development for Power Line Communication (PLC/BPL) Systems (1)

Product Development for Power Line Communication (PLC/BPL) Systems - IoT Case Study
Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Data Management Platforms
Applicable Industries
Electrical Grids
Applicable Functions
Business Operation
Use Cases
Energy Management System
The Challenge
The client wanted to develop a product that can acquire data from their meter units installed at the consumer's premises. A system capable of acquiring, transferring and archiving the data had to be in place, replacing the existing traditional method which was error prone and expensive to operate. The system needed to be integrated with the existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for increasing the operational efficiency.

About The Customer The client is a leading provider of power line communication (PLC/BPL) systems and solutions, enabling organizations to develop Smart Grid applications over existing electrical networks. They have a highly-integrated electrical network based system, which The Solution Prodapt designed data acquisition software that enables the collection of data from all the 'Smart' units distributed on the electricity grid. It was implemented using Java Enterprise Edition. The system processes the information received from the 'Smart' units, then transfers it to the Utility OS System for network monitoring, diagnosis, management and control. A web-based user interface has been provided for reporting and administering the software interfaces.

Data Collected
Cycle Times, Operation Performance, Product Lifecycle
Operational Impact
[Cost Reduction - R&D]
Reduced the cost of the product development cycle
[Efficiency Improvement - Quality Assurance]
Improved the product quality
Quantitative Benefit
Decreased new product release cycle time by 20% ahead of product roadmap
Reduced post-release changes by 70%

AGAI is a pioneer in BPL technology. Many customers have trusted the expertise of AGAI team to deliver highest possible performance regardless the architecture and the type of electrical network. AGAI provides a full suite of BPL product and solutions intended for utilities, telecommunications providers, real estate developers and specific solutions provider.

High transmission speed together with great reliability of this technology are highly regarded in many locations. Offered solutions naturally support all demanded network characteristics as VLAN, QoS, SNMP, IGMP - IPTV, etc.

Now products can be found in more countries worldwide in leading utilities, operator access networks and municipality. Communication using power lines has a long history; indeed, the idea has been around since the beginning of the twentieth century. In very low-speed PLC systems were used for controlling electronic equipment such as light dimmers. However, since the characteristics for power lines to serve as a communications means have not been defined and because the characteristics of power lines will change when power equipment and household electrical appliances are connected to them, PLC systems are now more and more widely used. Indeed, the high-speed PLC is now economically viable due to advances in analog circuit technology, digital signal-processing technology. PLC systems operating now at up to 200 Mbps for access application and Gbps per in-home.

Product Development for Power Line Communication (PLC/BPL) Systems (2)

AGAI is built on a scalable client/server architecture based on Linux with MySQL Databases and OpenGL. It is a multi-user application with multi-site management capabilities. The server utilizes a database to store and export network management information. The users can be given different access depending on their role in network operations. All management tools provide a Graphical User Interface.

For efficient integration and management, AGAI allows you to configure and monitor all AGAI PLC devices. It also includes a topologic description of Medium voltage and Low Voltage Network. All topologic links are real-time check for active devices of the network.

Once running, the AGAI PLC monitor all network devices and provide reliable real-time data.

The AGAI provides fault management capabilities by delivering real-time monitoring of the network in the supervision module. The AGAI may provide a Geographic Information System (optional) which allows a real-time monitoring of all devices supervised. An automatic alert system can be enabled to inform installer on field of success of installation in the entire system and of the quality of the link before leaving.

AGAI is the tools to quickly install BPL network, identify and solve all events and efficiently manage the quality of service.